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Who is MDV

Operating under the corporate umbrella of Midea Group, MDV is a professional climate control brand that produces different types and classes of air-conditioning systems for application in a wide range of scenarios.


Brand MDV has started it’s history in 1985, when Midea Holding Co., Ltd, opened a subdivision, which started production of air-conditioning systems only. In 8 years created MD(Chinese pronunciation Meidi) brand – prototype of MDV.


Founded in 1999, MDV emerged from Midea’s CAC (Central Air-Conditioning) division as a professional climate solution provider and distribute central air conditioning equipment by professional HVAC&R companies globally. Initially, the MDV product portfolio comprised high-tech systems and components for central air conditioner and industry application; for example, VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems, water cooled chillers and air cooled chiller system, condensing units, light commercial air-conditioners etc.


In 2001 (in the beginning of decade of active mergers of leading Chinese home appliances manufacturers by Midea Corporation) Room Air-Conditioners product line under MDV brand has been introduced. So climatic brand created by the corporation has not just taken best traditions of manufacturer, but also representing the widest range of air-conditioning equipment from water-chillers to mobile air conditioners under MDV brand, which is great example of implementation of high technologies in air-conditioning.


Under a decade time developing, MDV brand became a professional and comprehensive climate solution to provide all kinds of air conditioning equipments to variable applications.


The MDV brand evolution as follow:

The latest MDV logo explaination:


MDV is combiend by M and DV.M represents Midea and it means MDV brand is based on Midea. Midea is only the strong back up of MDV brand from it’s R&D, production ability and quality control. The letters D and V are connecting together to show the advanced gas flow control technology for all the air conditioner products.It corvers the DC inverter technology and digital scroll technology which leads the products to energy saving, reliable and precise control.


Compare to Midea, MDV brand image is without the ring. It aims to identify the Midea brand to have a independent and unique visual image. It is helpful for it’s global recognition.


Compare to the latest brand, new brand VI is slightly lean to the right. It makes MDV brand looks more dynamic and with strong vitality as a seed breaking through the soil.
New MDV brand is a registed brand globally with the registed mark R.

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